Randi Rossario, aka Life Coach Rosie, is a certified life coach with a millennial audience base. Randi has been in the business of coaching for over 6 years but certified for about 1 year. With clients all over the United States, Coach Rosie brings practical results to your chaos. Coach helps you maneuver through your current situations and lay out the foundation for your next ones. From personal to spiritual, her 30 day goal setting guide is a sure way to get you focused and on course. Accountability is key and you can be sure Coach Rosie is holding you accountable.


Learn more about her 30 Day Goal Setting Guide and new book “Good Day Goals” available here and on Amazon.


Randi is also the co-owner of Oh So Radio &Oh So Studios, a podcast and marketing hub based in metro-Detroit.  Established in 2014, Oh So Radio has made a mark in the community as the go to resource center for advertising and podcast recording.  With over 200,000 recorded hours, Oh So has become an expert in their field, while establishing the brand as a household name.  For Oh So inquiries, contact Email@OhSoRadio.com. Submit clean music to Music@OhSoRadio.com.

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